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For youth & young adults

As we navigate our way through life we sometimes feel there is constant pressure on us for many reasons. This can lead to inner emotional turmoil and distress. Many troubled children, teens and young adults will refrain from asking for help due to fear of damage to their pride, fear of being judged, feeling ashamed or simply because they hope someone will notice they need support.

If you are experiencing feelings of loneliness, deep sadness, or having thoughts of taking your own life, then call our Youthline WA today on 1800 198 313.

If you are a parent, teacher, carer, uncle or aunt it is important to be aware of common signs associated with adolescent depression and suicide so you can identify if the people you come into contact with need help and support.


Please contact our Outreach Team to request our information brochures on “Talking to Teens” – a guide for all and “Why is it so Hard Growing up?” – a useful brochure for teens and young adults.