Get help & support

Get help & support

Why do people call the Samaritans?

There are many things that could be happening in our lives that might prompt someone to call Samaritans. Everyone’s story is different and we are here to listen to what is on your mind;

24/7 Anonymous Crisis Support.


“I have been diagnosed with a mental health related illness…”

Whilst we are not clinically trained or mental health professionals you can still talk to us about it and how you feel about things. It might be that you want to talk about something completely unrelated which is troubling you and that’s ok too.

You can tell us as much or as little about your diagnosis as you are comfortable with but whilst our volunteers might have insight to your situation they may not fully understand the personal implications for you.

We find the Samaritans is often recommended to people in need of someone to talk to by other support services, mental health organisations or emergency services.


“I am under 18, can I still call you?”

Yes, you can. Your call will be treated in the same way as an adult caller.

We recognise and understand the challenges and worries facing our young people today and will encourage you to seek additional help and support alongside keeping in touch with the Samaritans.

If you voluntarily provide us with location or contact details and we assess you to be at risk it is our responsibility to report our concerns to the relevant people or services.


“I just feel lonely and want someone to talk to”

That’s why we are here. Loneliness and isolation can so often be a cause for deteriorating mental wellness. You may have lost a loved one, experienced a divorce, the children might have all flown the nest…just some examples of why you might be feeling low. We are here to listen and help you work through your worries and make plans for the future.


Do I have to be suicidal to call you?”

No you don’t. Most of our callers are not suicidal or ever had thoughts of suicide. We want you to call us before you feel that way. As our service is dedicated to reducing suicide we will likely check in with you and ask you if you have experienced thoughts of suicide or had previous suicide attempts.


“I am fine but worried about someone else”

We all have responsibility to look out for those around us, so we encourage you to call us if you are worried about someone. Our volunteers are trained to treat this situation slightly differently and they will guide you through some options of how you might be able to help the other person. We will also check that you are ok, it can be quite a burden worrying for some else particularly if you feel they are in crisis or at risk of suicide.


Maybe none of these questions apply to you but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up the phone. Recognising and understanding what’s going on can sometimes be difficult. You may not be depressed but you may be feeling overwhelmed with life’s situations and, without support, this can spiral into anguish and despair. Other reasons you might call us could be:

  • Relationship or family problems
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Financial worries or job-related anxiety
  • School, college or study-related stress
  • Illness – your own or someone you care for
  • Addiction or substance abuse
  • Thoughts of suicide.


Sometimes it’s really hard to put your finger on what’s going so it can be helpful to be aware of the signs…

Are you experiencing some of these?

  • I don’t look forward to things as much as I used to
  • I have difficulty facing the day; I don’t want to get out of bed
  • I’m having trouble sleeping
  • I don’t feel like talking with or being around other people
  • I am feeling more emotional than usual
  • I don’t feel like I can manage doing everyday things
  • I don’t feel like doing things that I usually enjoy
  • I am easily agitated or frustrated
  • I have found myself drinking alcohol or taking other drugs more than I used to in order to cope with my feelings
  • I have lost interest in my appearance or have become overly worried about the way I look


Samaritans is here for everyone…call us, we won’t turn you away.