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Ricky Burges PSM

5:42pm 12/02/2016

Ricky is the Chief Executive Officer of Western Australian Local Government Association.

Prior to joining WALGA in February 2000, Ricky was the Director General of the Department for Culture & the Arts, Chief Executive Officer of Perth Zoo, and Director of Human Resources at the WA Tourism Commission.

Ricky has a Masters in Leadership and Management from Curtin University, a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Development, a Certificate in Psychotherapy, and Diplomas in Coaching.

Ricky sits on the ROADS Foundation, the Board of MercyCare, the Local Government Insurance Board, the State Emergency Management Committee, and various Local Government committees and Boards.  Ricky is a past President of the Australian Institute of Management and the Board of the Art Gallery of Western Australia.  She was the Western Australian Businesswoman of the Year in 1997 and was awarded a Public Service Medal in 2007.