We support you to support others.

Our comprehensive training is led by experienced Samaritans, who themselves have undergone advanced training to deliver an interactive program to our new volunteers.

It covers all aspects, including:

  • the history, values and philosophy of the Samaritans;
  • the services provided and how these services support the community;
  • Some of the types of calls our volunteers can expect to receive;
  • how to support the caller in line with Samaritans policies and procedures.

Each Samaritan volunteer contributes in many different ways.

Simply providing a listening ear to someone in need can help an individual in ways we will never truly know.

Being a Samaritan is also about supporting each other.  Our culture promotes compassion and friendship amongst our Samaritans to ensure that our volunteers always feel safe and supported in the work that they do.

As well as providing emotional support to our callers and each other, many of our volunteers act as ambassadors for the Samaritans, raising awareness of the organisation and its services amongst family, friends and colleagues.
Alternatively if you feel the phones are not for you, then why not get involved in our community outreach programs? Perhaps you can help on the ‘business’ side of things with fundraising or marketing?

We need you now, so please don’t hesitate to become a volunteer.