About Us

Samaritans WA is a not-for-profit organisation that provides emotional support counselling for people in times of need. We aim to help build communities in which people have appropriate support to explore how they feel and to build mental wellness.

A safe environment

We believe that everyone has the capability to find their inner strength and resilience. We understand that sometimes that capability can feel lost, especially when we feel overwhelmed, isolated, disconnected from others, or helpless.

When provided with a safe and supportive environment, and a listening ear, we can uncover our own pathway forward.

Our History

Samaritans WA is part of the worldwide network of more than 400 centres that have been working in suicide prevention and wellbeing space.

The Samaritans WA branch was opened in 1967 and is home to one of the oldest telephone support helplines in Australia. Since 2019, in direct response to the needs of the local community, Samaritans WA expanded its service offering by shifting the focus to face-to-face counselling, in partnership with other WA based not-for-profit organisations

On July 2022, together with RUAH and the Telethon Kids Institute will be piloting the State’s first short-term youth residential service for young people experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviours. The service is expected to help up to 300 young people and their families each year.

Devotion to Humanistic Values

Our approach is rooted in humanistic person centred approach, it draws from various psychological theories, latest science on trauma, lived experience wisdom and principles of trauma informed care.

Our approach recognises recovery as an individual, unique, deeply personal process and focuses and fosters connectedness, hope, meaning and empowerment. The ultimate goal is not only reduction of negative feelings but rather to promote personal wellbeing, build self-confidence, foster resilience and ultimately encourage a sense of purpose and that one’s life is worth living.

At the heart of Samaritans, is the humanistic approach that puts the focus on what the person is thinking and feeling and supporting them through.

Our Board

Samaritans is fortunate to be guided by an experienced and professional Board. Our Board and Volunteer Counsellors were integral to the development of our values and are reflective of the organisation we are and who we want to be going forward.

Zrinka Highfield

Chief Executive Officer and Board Director

Zarah Burgess

Board Secretary

Michael Felix

Board Treasurer and Board Director

Gautam Gupta

Board Director

Nick Foster

Board Director

Laura Benger

Board Director

Debra Zanella

Board Treasurer and Board Director

Bridget Harvey

Board Director

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Samaritans WA acknowledges and respects the traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owners of the land on which we live and work, the first people of this country. We pay our respect to their culture and their Elders past, present and emerging.

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